ArtSites Updates

(posted on 27 Jun 2017)

Over the past few weeks, several of our artists have received "purchase inquiries" to buy a few pieces of artwork.

Fortunately, our artists have asked us for our thoughts and we've been very quick to let them know that these were, unfortunately, art scams. :-(

Here are a few recent "Names of Shame" to watch out for:

  • Donald Cook (
  • Vanit Chirathivat
  • Quinn Sunny
  • Thomas Scovel
  • Anita Turner (sometimes "anitturner")
  • Will Bullas
  • Beverly Nicholas
  • Dr. Oswald Dornelly
  • Dennis Morgan
  • Senior Collins

So, how do we know these are scams?

Here are a few "red flags" that seem to be used in most of these "inquiries":

  • Overseas Buyers
  • Purchase of Multiple Items
  • Complex Payment Schemes and/or Overpayments by Cheque
  • Use of a Their Own Shipping Agent or Mover
  • Buying for a Spouse or Relative

In our previous article, Red Flags When Doing Business Online, we discuss many of the above points in more detail.

And, if you want more art scam information, here are a few nice articles/resources:

As you will see, while sender's name(s) and email addresses often change, the general format seems to remain the same.

Another tip:

  • If you use Statcounter, you can compare the time of the email with the time of a view/hit on your contact page. Often, you'll see what actual country the scammers are from (usually, not the one mentioned in the email ;-).

Our hope is that once you know the key "elements" of an art scam, it'll be much easier for you to recognize one when you see it! ;-)

As always, we simply want to make sure you don't get scammed!

And, we'll do our best to keep you informed!

Please be cautious and feel free to ask us if you ever have any concerns! :-)