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This week, we received a very detailed email from one of our ArtSites artists outlining the details of one of the many online art scams.

I will summarize the important points first, but please feel free to read all of the art scam details below that our artist so generously offered! Thanks SO much! :-)

Here's how this particular scam works ...

  1. Someone inquires about purchasing work from your website, insisting to pay by credit card and arranging delivery to an international location (in this case, Cyprus) using a shipping company they specify.
    (A "shipping company THEY choose" should be your first red flag!)
  2. They then use stolen credit card information and pay for the artwork PLUS advance payment for shipping. They request $3,000 - $5,000 of artwork which makes for $1,000 + for shipping charges.
    (Any "overpayment" should be your next red flag!)
  3. Once the credit card transaction is complete (in this case through PayPal - which authorized the transaction even though it was stolen credit card information), they give you the link to the courier company they want to use. In this case, it was "Large Packet Shipping", based in the U.K., which is not a real courier company, but a front for the scammers!
  4. And, here's where the money grab begins ... They have you bank wire transfer the shipping charges to them when you arrange for pick-up.
  5. Eventually, the credit card charges are reversed by the card's real owner AND you lose the money you sent to the courier company.
  6. They never intended to get the art - they just want the money you send to the courier!

As always, we wanted to share this information so that you do not run into this situation!

If you ever have suspicions about potential inquiries, please feel free to ask for our opinions! :-)

(And, if you'd like to see more details about the initial email message, identities they're using, courier addresses, and all the bank wire transfer details, we have all those details below.)

Online Art Scam Details
Here are a few names, email addresses and wire transfer details that were used for this particular scam.

Here's the initial email message:

I am emailing to inquire about availability of artwork for sale in your gallery, if you can ship international and also if you are able to process Electronically Visa and Master Card Number/Expiry date/Cvv through PAYPAL as payment. Let me know so that i can communicate with you on the artworks that interest me,you can also indicate to me which of the arts are sold and which are available on your website.
I will be looking forward to reading from you.

Anita Turner is the name the scammer was using. - this is the primary address the scammer is using. - this is an address that the scammer used once
Address - 7 Themistocles Dervis Street, CY - 1006 Nicosia, Cyprus

In the most recent contact, Joe Cole is the name they're using -

Large Packet Shipping is the name the scammers are using as the shipping company
Ken Winball
Customer Service Dept
Large Packet Shipping Service
20 Manor Road, Erith DA8 2AG, United Kingdom
Tel: 01913 878885, 0741 551 2381
Fax: 07438849534

Brad Simon
Account Dept
Large Packet Shipping Service
Tel: 01913 878885, 0741 551 2381
Fax: 07438849534

This was the information for the bank wire transfer:

International Banking Account Number (IBAN): GB41BARC20258513023176
Sort Code : 20 25 85
Account Number: 13 02 31 76
Bank Identifier Code (BIC)/(SWIFT CODE): BARCGB210DB
Account Beneficiary: ‎MICHAEL RUSSELL
Account Beneficiary Address: Gemini Business Park Hornet Way, London E6 7FF, UK
Bank: Bank: Barclays PLC UK
Bank Address : 1 Churchill Place Leicester LE87 2BB UK

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We simply want to make sure you don't get scammed!

Please stay informed and be cautious! :-)