ArtSites Updates

(posted on 13 Jan 2018)

Over the last little while we have been working a new layout for ArtSites websites. We have called it "Filmstrip" because one of the it's primary characteristics is the use of horizontal navigation of images as if they were all being viewed on a 35mm filmstrip. This layout tries to maximize image sizes on the screen, regardless of the device being viewed on. We have tried to reduce the non-image elements of the website as much as possible, mainly by the use of a "hamburger" icon to provide access to a menu and keeping the header elements as compact as we could.

This layout is still in what we would call an Experimental stage. We have made it available for our Artists to use on their own websites but be warned that there may be some small changed to it's layout and features over the next few weeks or even months. If you would just like to see a working example of this new layout, you can have a look at this sample website:

Please let us know if you see any issues with the website or have any suggestions. We are particularly interested in what people think of alignment, spacing and colour of elements on the website.