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(posted on 27 Apr 2017)

(Photo credit Montreal artist Renee Othot)

We love hearing about all your successes!

For instance, we were so pleased when Kat O'Brien decided to share with us her experience at this year's Slow Art Day in Champlain, NY.

Here's what Kat had to say about the event:

On April 8 - International Slow Art Day was hosted in about 200 venues worldwide.
Kat O'Brien was the Featured Artist with an exhibition of 8 ceramic sculptures at the Champlain Meeting House, hosted by Village Trustee Janet McFetridge, Champlain, NY. The format of the event: all participants agree to spend at least 5 minutes looking at each of 5 artworks, then discuss their experiences of viewing art s-l-o-w-l-y at a reception in the Meeting House

This first art event ever hosted by the Village of Champlain met with lively and focused discussions of the artworks and this surprising experience, shared by 35 people in attendance (with many active participants from Montreal and northeastern NY. It is a very interesting time for this cross-border area!). Eager anticipation of the next art events that are taking priority in the next phase of the Village Waterfront Revitalization Project. Congratulations later followed for host Janet McFetridge's award in New York State's "Women of Distinction" program for her work in community enhancement.

(Photo credit Montreal artist Renee Othot)

My host, Village Trustee Janet McFetridge, started the Champlain Meeting House 2 years ago as a venue for such community events. She just received a New York State Distinguished Women's Award for her excellent work in community enhancement, which includes a commitment to art support as a basic element in the local Village Revitalization Project she directs.

Therefore, most of my work in the Champlain Meeting House exhibition is from my ongoing series, Village. The ceramic octagons are an extension of my long-standing art and meditation practice that explores interdependence: illusions of solidity and emptiness, luminosity and darkness, permanence and impermanence.

Thank you to Kat for sharing this wonderful account with us!

Have you ever participated in Slow Art Day?