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Select the Feature Image for a Gallery

You may want to set the Gallery "featured" image, which is the image that shows up as the representative image for that gallery on your Gallery page. Here are the instructions.

Select the Feature Image for a Gallery

  1. Go to your 'Gallery' tab in the Admin Panel
  2. Click on the Gallery you would like to edit under the Gallery List heading on the left-hand side, e.g. Landscapes
  3. On the right-hand side, you will see the thumbnails of the images in that Gallery.
  4. Click the green "make feature" link (see below) next to the appropriate thumbnail and it will become the featured one.
    Make Feature Link on Gallery tab
  5. The link will change to "featured".
    Feature Image link on Gallery tab
  6. If you do not select a featured image, the most recently added image to that gallery will be the "featured image".

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