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Replacing Your Home Page Image

The default image on your home page when you create an ArtSites website is set to a "special image" that takes all the photos in your Images library and turns it into a slideshow. If you decide you don't want a slideshow of all your images you can create your own custom slideshow. The instructions to do so are HERE

If, however, you would like to change out the default slideshow image, here's how to do it! 

1. Highlight the "special image" and either hit backspace on your keyboard or the delete button. 

2. Once the space is free, you will then select the Images icon on your content editor (the icon that looks like a picture of the sun and mountains) and you will select browse server to select the image you want from your Images Library. 

3. Once you've selected your Image you can adjust the sizing and placement on your content editing panel (aka your home page). 

4. When you are done and happy with your work, select "Update Home" at the bottom to save it and you're done! 


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