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What Image File Resolution Should I Upload?

We often get this question and recommend that you upload the highest resolution file you have. (Please do make sure that your files are JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg). ArtSites automatically creates lower resolution versions (from your original file) that are used on the website. This is primarily to protect your works and to make sure that if anyone printed them out, they would be very pixelated. The image resolutions we create from your original files work well for the web, but not for printing.

The other reason we recommend higher resolutions is so that we can create a range of resolutions. For example, you may want to create a slightly larger slide show on your home page. If we have a higher resolution version of your image, we can dynamically adjust the resolution of your images to match the size of the slide show you have selected. In essence, higher resolution images provide you with more options. If you have any further questions about protecting your images, please check out our article, Protecting Artistic Works on the Web.

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