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You may have your bio, resume, artist statement, or even descriptions in a Microsoft Word document. If you would like to copy and paste your Word content to your website, there is a special "paste" tool for copying and pasting from Word documents. Here are the instructions on how to copy from a Word document and paste to your website.

  1. Go to your Word document
  2. Highlight the text you want to copy
  3. To copy, you have a few options:
    (Do make sure your text is highlighted before you copy.)
    • Type (at the same time) either Ctrl+C (PC) or Command ⌘+C (Mac)
    • Or, hit the 'Copy' icon in your Word program
    • Or, right-click your mouse over the highlighted text and select 'Copy'.
  4. Go to the page, gallery, or image where you want to insert your content
    (For galleries or images, you may need to click on the 'Edit' icon: Edit icon)
  5. You will see our standard 'Content' text editing box. Depending on where you are, it may be called 'XYZ Content' or 'Description' or 'Extra Text', if you are working with an image or gallery.
    (Please note that 'Extra Text' may not be displayed in some layouts.)
  6. Click in the 'Content' text editing box and put your mouse cursor where you want to insert your copied content
  7. Click on the special 'Word Paste' icon: Paste Word Content icon (red circle below; the last icon in the top row)
    Word Paste Icon in Content Editor Ribbon
    (if you hold your mouse over the icon, a pop-up bubble will say: Paste from Word)
  8. You will then see the following Paste dialog box (see below)
    Word Past Dialog Box
  9. Click inside the text box (your cursor should start blinking)
  10. Type (at the same time) either Ctrl+V (PC) or Command ⌘+V (Mac) to Paste your copied Word content.
  11. Click 'Ok'
  12. Your copied Word content will now be in the text box. You can tweak and edit it as necessary.
  13. Be sure to click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page to save your changes!

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