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Change the Gallery Navigation (Previous, Next, & Thumbnails)

You may want to change the location of the navigation and what is shown when people move from one gallery image to the next, e.g. previous, next, arrows, and thumbnails. Here are the instructions on how to change the location of your gallery navigation and decide what is shown.


  1. Go to the 'Advanced' tab in your Administration Panel
  2. Scroll down to the 'Images' section
  3. You will see the following options:
    Gallery Navigation Options
  4. Depending on what you want to remove or move, click on the appropriate check box (see above).
    (Please note that the "icons" are the thumbnail images.)
  5. Be sure to click the 'Update Advanced Settings' button (at the top or bottom of the page) to save your changes!


Go and look at your update gallery navigation on your website.


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