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Add Social Media Icons / Buttons to Your Website

You can add Social Media buttons to your website much like adding an image to any page. (Here's the tutorial on how to insert an image).

However, you will have to link the appropriate Social Media button image to your Social Media webpage address (URL).
(FYI - for Facebook, be sure it's linking to your public Facebook Page, not your personal Facebook account/profile.) If you only have a personal Facebook account, here's a video on how you can create a public/professional Facebook Page.

Once you have your Social Media Pages setup, you'll need to copy the webpage addresses, i.e. the URLs, for your Facebook Page, and/or your Twitter Page and/or LinkedIn Page. With each of those URLs, you can create a link to the following Social Media button images. Here are the instructions to add a variety of Social Media Buttons to your website.

Add Social Media Icons / Buttons to Your Website

  1. Go to the page where you want to insert your Social Media icon / button, e.g. your 'Home' page or your 'Contact' page.
  2. You will see our standard 'Content' text editing box. Depending on where you are, it'll probably be called 'XYZ Content', e.g. Home Content.
  3. Click inside the 'Content' text editing box and put your mouse cursor where you want to insert your Social Media icon.
  4. Click on the 'Image' icon:  Image Icon (red circle below in the second row of icons)
    Image Icon in Icon Ribbon
  5. In the URL field (see red square box below), type:
    • For Facebook: /images/social/24x24/facebook.png
    • For Twitter: /images/social/24x24/twitter.png
    • For LinkedIn: /images/social/24x24/linkedin.png
    • For Tumblr: /images/social/24x24/tumblr.png
    • For Instagram: /images/social/24x24/instagram.png
    • For Etsy: /images/social/24x24/etsy.png

    (remember to include all the slashes exactly as written in bold above, including the starting slash!)
    Image Properties Dialog Box

    (If the buttons are too big or even too small, we do have other sizes. Just let us know and we can give you the URLs for the size that works best.)
  6. Now, click on the "Link" tab in the dialog box (see red circle below)
    Image Properties Link
    In the 'URL' box (see red square above), fill in one of the following:
    • Facebook address (URL) from your Facebook Page
    • Twitter address:
    • Your LinkedIn Account address

    (It's probably best if you copy it from the appropriate social network and simply paste it here.)
  7. Click the 'Target' drop down menu (see above)
  8. Select 'New Window (_blank)'
  9. Click 'OK'
  10. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the 'Update' button to save your changes!


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